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Here at COAD4Kids, our goal is to provide high quality assistance, resources, and recommendations to families that will help them achieve great childcare. We have specialists on staff to answer your questions, big and small, because if you are in Appalachian Ohio, you’re part of our #COADFamily. We are ready to help your child(ren) thrive in their home and beyond. Give us a call at 740-289-8800 or email us at contactece@coadinc.org.

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We recognize the need for families to have access to high-quality early care and education. We also know that figuring it all out can be a challenge. Let COAD4Kids help you make the right choice for your family. Our services are completely FREE and all information obtained is confidential.

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Step Up to Quality

Step Up To Quality (SUTQ): A five–star quality rating and improvement system administered by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to show programs that have gone above and beyond the minimum licensing standards set by the state of Ohio. SUTQ recognizes and promotes learning and development programs that meet quality program standards that exceed licensing health and safety regulations. The program standards are based on national research identifying standards which lead to improved outcomes for children. You can look for signs outside of programs to see their rating, or you can click here to see the most up to date ratings for programs in your area on the Ohio Department of Education & Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services website. Learn more about Step Up to Quality at the button below.

Step Up To Quality

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COAD4Kids has several short videos offering helpful tips to parents of young children on their YouTube channel. Visit it by clicking the button below.

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Fun Activities

Looking for some easy and fun activities to do with your child by age level? See our Pinterest collection of fun activities at the button below!

Important: When choosing fun activities to do with your child, it is important to consider your child’s age and developmental level. Some activities can present choking or other safety hazards for children and may be otherwise inappropriate for your child. Before using any of these activities, be certain that it is appropriate for your child’s age and capabilities. COAD assumes no responsibility for injury or accident as a result of trying these activities. Remember, all children develop differently and your child will enjoy activities much more when they are ready for them. You, the parent, know your child’s abilities and limitations best. If you have questions about developmentally appropriate practice, give our counselors a call at your local office.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We get asked a lot of questions here at COAD4Kids. Click the button below to view answers to some of those questions. Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Remember, you can always give us a call at 740-289-8800 to speak to one of our specialists who can answer your questions directly or via e-mail at contactece@coadinc.org. Our services are always FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Indicators of Quality

According to Child Care Aware of America, there are six main quality indicators that should be considered when searching for a child care provider.

Group Size – Find out how many children are in the group. Imagine a group of 25 two-year-olds with five adults, compared to a group of 10 two-year-olds with two adults. Both groups have the same adult to child ratio. Typically, smaller groups are better. When looking at group sizes parents should consider which groups size would be calmer and safer and best suited to their child’s needs.

Ratio – The number of staff required in a childcare home or center depends not only on the number of children in that setting but also on the ages of the children. Maintaining an appropriate ratio is key to being able to adequately supervise and interact with young children.

Family Involvement – When taking your child to a childcare provider you should ask about their policy on family involvement. A high-quality center will have opportunities for you to be involved in activities and regular parent meetings. You should be welcome at the center at any time that your child is in attendance.

Caregiver Education & Staff Turnover – When talking with childcare providers, ask them how long they have been in the childcare field. Find out about education and training that they have had that makes them qualified to provide care for children. High staff turnover in a childcare center can be an indicator that the staff there are under a lot of stress. If you are talking with a family childcare provider, you might ask if he/she is part of a support group. You want to be assured that the people who will be caring for your child are well supported with a network of professional colleagues. You also want to know that the staff is knowledgeable about child development and behavior and activities that will help your child achieve their fullest potential.

Health & Safety – Safety is extremely important. The environment should be child-proof and free from items that might cause harm to a child. This is true for both indoor and outdoor play areas as well. There should also be an emphasis on cleanliness. Handwashing should be emphasized and the space including toys should be well-maintained and clean.

Accreditation – When exploring childcare options ask the director if their center is accredited. By becoming accredited childcare providers have deliberately decided to achieve a higher level of quality and maintain it. They are committed to providing high quality services to children and their families.

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