In 2012, COAD and the Ohio University Voinovich Center partnered to develop the attached profile of the children in the Appalachian region of Ohio. The report tells how many children live in the region, their economic status, their family status, the number of children who attend early childhood programs, etc.

The links below lead to data tables that were prepared for COAD by the Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. This data provides a wide range of information regarding the 31 counties served by COAD’s Early Care & Education Division. Specifically, the data included below provides an overview of the economic, demographic, educational, and social issues that children are facing in the region. We hope that this information can be useful to anyone who is interested in working for the children of our region, whether that is through advocacy, public education or making informed choices when deciding policy matters.

For a complete listing of what is available in each table please take a few minutes to look at the Data File Index below.

For definitions of items found in many of the tables, please review the Glossary provided below.

COAD is a coalition of 17 Community Action Agencies serving Appalachian Ohio.

Download all 31 PDF files in one ZIP:

Resources on Counties in the COAD region