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We offer resources, assistance, classes, and more to families, parents / guardians, and the community to help find childcare and raise children within our service area. It takes a whole community to raise a child; the #COADFamily is glad to help!

For those interested in becoming a childcare provider as a business, we offer programs, assistance, and employment connections to help you reach your goals and serve your community. Our service area is in a great need for quality childcare providers; let us help you build a sustainable career that benefits the region! Explore the process at the “Become a Provider” button or visit the “Start Your Childcare Business” page.

We also offer assistance to existing childcare providers seeking connections, new opportunities, and resources. Make sure your business is registered under our childcare provider list so we can give families seeking placement an accurate list of options and provide you continued support.


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Quick Reference Terms Guide

Family Childcare (Home-Based): Childcare delivered in a home / private dwelling, often the home of the provider

Childcare Center: Childcare delivered in an established commercial building, often with higher group numbers

CDA: The Child Development Associate credential is the most widely recognized credential in early care and education and is the first and most important step you can take to advance your career.

Childcare Provider: A licensed childcare practitioner in compliance with all regulatory levels

ECE: The shorthand abbreviation for COAD’s Early Care and Education division, under which COAD4Kids resides