Saturday AM Sessions

  1. Different Yet Alike: Inclusion Teaching Practices for Children with Special Needs– Wendy Thompson-Room C107- Max 30– already 2 hours OA (AT126111)
    a. Session Description- Come explore a variety of instruction methods to support children with special needs in the early care and education setting. There will be discussion on video interviews of child care program staff from Ohio sharing their ideas and experiences caring for children with special needs. Through discussions and activities, the instructor will address how to implement Universal Design for Learning, toy/material modification, and adaptive technology.
  2. Definition and Effects of Trauma in Young Children– Christine Sullivan-Room C105- Max 60- submitted for 2-hour OA approval on 12/6/22 (AT136757)
    a. Session Description- In this training, participants will strengthen their understanding of trauma, through information, group discussions, and case examples. Teachers will use provided information to make connections between trauma effects and behaviors observed in the classroom. Upon completion, participants will be able to list behavioral signs of possible trauma in children aged 3-6 and demonstrate nurturing relationship approaches to enhance children’s feelings of safety.
  3. Playful Learning with Arts and Writing – Lori Pringle- WOUB- Room C110- Max 35– already 2 hours OA
    a. Session Description- Participants will learn ways to provide meaningful literacy experiences where children develop an understanding of the meaning of language and early writing development through art. Participants will learn that early writing is both a literacy activity and a fine motor skill.
  4. Using Massage with Caregivers, Infants, & Toddlers to Promote Healthy Touch– Meghan Brindley- Room C108- Max 45- needs submitted for OA
    Need Description!
  5. Explore This! Supporting Language & Writing in School-Age Program– Misty Luther- Room C101- Max 30
    a. Session Description- Join us on an expedition through the land of language and writing. Participants will learn fun and new ways to engage school-agers in easy language and writing projects that they will enjoy and just might enhance what they are learning during the school day. Come ready to explore!

Saturday PM Sessions

Family Style Dining Guide- Wendy Thompson- Room C107- Max 30– already 2 hours OA (AT114562)

Session Description- Early care and education providers are responsible for creating a mealtime routine that accommodates both the needs of the children and the provider.  Family style dining creates an educational and supportive environment that promotes early learning and development, provides a positive eating experience, and encourages child/adult interactions.  This introductory session will highlight the benefits of family style dining and strategies as participants begin to explore this approach.


Risk and Protective Factors in Early Childhood- Christine Sullivan- Room C105- Max 60- submitted for 2-hour OA approval on 12/6/22 (AT136783)

Session Description- In this training, participants will explore characteristics associated with the nature of childhood development, with particular attention to recognizing risk and protective factors in the community, family, and within the child. Participants will relate such factors to the possible impact on child development and behaviors. In addition, participants will consider their personal risk and protective factors, and self-care strategies.


Fingerplays: The Best Kept Secret for Transitions and Learning! – Mindi VonKaenel- Room C108- Max 45- already 2 hours OA (AT129852)

Session Description- Participants will hear information on the importance of transition strategies that support the healthy development of children, using fingerplays as a supportive strategy, and the benefits and use of fingerplays with children with autism and other developmental disabilities.


Be an Eco-Healthy Early Care and Education Program- Misty Luther-Room C101- Max 30

Session Description- Children and adults are exposed to environmental toxins every day, including time spent in early care and education programs. These toxins impact health and development. What are these toxins and how can exposure to them be reduced? Participants will explore the most common environmental concerns, including toxins present in play and learning materials, furniture, food, and the air we breathe. Strategies to reduce exposure will be highlighted. Participants will also learn how to earn an Eco-Healthy Child Care Endorsement.


SWITCH- How to Change Things When Change is Hard- Kristin Betz- Room C110- Max 35- re-submitted for 2 hours OA on 12/9/22 (AT136790)

Session Description-Psychologists have discovered that our minds are ruled by two different systems- The rational mind and the emotional mind- that compete for control. The rational mind wants to change something at work, but the emotional mind loves the comfort of the existing routine. Come learn how our mind controls our thoughts and feelings on change and learn a three-part framework that will help guide individuals in any situations where a change in behavior is needed. Participants will learn to Direct their Riders, Motivate their Elephants and Shape their Paths.